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How it works

We are honored you would refer Comeet to a business contact. Comeet continues to grow because of our amazing clients, like you, who place their trust in us.
Thank you for being a part of our success!

Referring Comeet and getting rewarded is quick and easy!
  • Provide referral information
  • We’ll connect with them directly
  • When they sign with Comeet you get rewarded

Comeet Platform Referrals 

You get rewarded with a $500 gift card when your referral signs up.


Elastic Recruiting Referrals

You get a $1000 gift card when your referral signs-up for service.

Why Comeet?

"Comeet provides talent acquisition and screening services. To date, they have excelled on both fronts. Comeet sources excellent candidates, facilitates the hiring process and closes the deal with several Director-level and individual contributor engineer roles.

Karl Mattson
CISO - Elastic Recruiting Client
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“When we were searching for a recruitment platform, our priorities were speed, ease of use, social network intergration, accuracy and speed of information search and retrieval within our database. We got all of this with Comeet.”

Leslie Winslow
HR Recruiter
Comeet Platform Client

"Comeet made recruiting transparent to all, and managers are more involved in the process. Keep up the amazing work!"

Rakia Offer
Comeet Platform Client

I use Comeet every day to manage our entire recruiting process. - ease of use is basically off the charts. It takes about five minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously!

Viki Halper
Viki Halper